Shipping and Returns

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and we try to ensure our customers are happy with the purchase they made, we stand by our commitement to provide excellent customer service and have a 30 day return/replacement/refund period for ALL items which are purchased through, such period is effective the moment the item is delivered, please see and read our return policy and condition on returns.

Returns need to be requested within 30 days of the item being delivered to the original purchaser or recipient of the item:

(A.1) ALL returns must be fully inspected by our technical team and will be tested upon receipt in accordance with our inspection criteria (A.2). will the have sole discretion whether requirements have been met and the returned item (or items) are eligible for replacement, credit, exchange, or refund. ALL disqualified or ineligible returned items will be returned to back the original owner or shipper. Please refer to our Return Inspection policy or contact us regarding a defective unit, exchange or replacement so we can provide you the link to our store policy which is effective the moment you purchase from us, as so all who order from have agreed to abide by our return, shipping and privacy policy.

Returns Inspection and Returning a defective item within 30 days of receiving:

If you received a manufacture defective item, you are responsible to contact us within 30 days after the item has been delivered. All returned items must be thoroughly inspected and tested upon receipt in accordance with our inspection criteria. The inspection period may take up to 7 business days after receiving the returned items. will have the sole discretion to deem the item as an eligible return, whether to issue a refund, a store credit or send a replacement unit, it is the sole discretion of in approving and authorizing the return for a refund, store credit or replacement, if any of these are authorized, has fufilled its 30 day guarantee, therefore any return request from a customer after they have received a replacement unit will be automatically denied. Customer exchanges or returned items have an applicable 15% restocking fee and we reserve the right to charge up to 50% for items that are returned to us in damaged conditions, missing accessories or a device that does not belong to us, such devices we receive without a return authorization identification (Return Merchandise Authorization number) will be disposed of according to safety procedures and at our sole discretion. All disqualified returns which belong to us will be returned back to the original customer. Please read disqualified returns below:

Returning a non-defective item:

If you have purchased from us and would like to return a non-defective device you must contact us within 30 days of receipt of merchandise to be eligible for returning a non-defective item and must make the return of the non-defective item within 30 days after item was delivered to the recipient the item was delivered to. Non-defective items will have an applicable 15% restocking fee (unless waived by an authorized representative) of the total price and following conditions must be met:

Other non-defective items in original condition a 15% restocking fee will be applicable to include:

Items not Eligible or Disqualified for returns: Please do not return your order if any one of the following terms met:


Returning a device? Here are the Instructions

You must contact us by phone or email stating the issue you are having or the reason for return within 30 days of receiving the item:



In-Store Pick up:

Online Purchase:

WE reserve the right to cancel or void and refund any transaction for any reason.